During today’s increasingly complex business environments, as financial risks have become more difficult. The importance of an accurate financial statement and the importance of a trusted advisor has never been greater.

Our firm’s Audit Services interpret personal requirements and design its audit plan to address business areas are important to your financial statement.

Our main approach to the financial audit will be “Auditing Performance”. Our responsibility not only to check compliance with accounting standards, but also to help provide reasonable assurance that boards and management fairly report the performance of their organization, in a way that shareholders can understand.

We at OMCPartners believe that an independent audit of financial statements lies at the heart of effective operations. We focus on a combination of a balanced “Risk Based Approach” and “System Based Approach” which enables us to develop a deeper understanding of client’s business and management strategies.

During our audit we identify business and control vulnerabilities and opportunities which enable us to focus our audit approach on those areas.

The work we do to provide assurance on financial statements will result in identification of recommendations on control processes and procedures and general operational issues. Our recommendations will be frank and forthright, add value to our clients work, thus enhancing the reliability of information to investors creditors and other stakeholders.